Golden Apples of the Monkey House

Published in March 2016 by Routledge. Take a look at it here!

  • Dr. Miranda Corcoran's review for the Irish Association of American Studies
  • Interview about the book with Chuck Augello for The Daily Vonnegut
  • This book explores the short stories of Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut, written between 1943 and 1968, from a post-Jungian perspective. Drawing upon archetypal theories of myth from Joseph Campbell, James Hillman and C. G. Jung, the book demonstrates how short fiction follows archetypal patterns that can illuminate our understanding of the authors, their times, and their culture. Chapters carefully contextualise and historicize each story, including Bradbury and Vonnegutís earliest and most imaginatively fantastic works. By exloring how the authors redressed old myths in new tropes, the book reveals a fresh method which can be applied to all short stories, increasing understanding and critical engagement.

    George Saunders

    Published in April 2017 by Palgrave. Take a look at it here!

    This timely volume explores the signal contribution George Saunders has made to the development of the short story form in books ranging from CivilWarLand in Bad Decline (1996) to Tenth of December (2013). The book brings together a team of scholars from around the world to explore topics ranging from Saunders's treatment of work and religion to biopolitics and the limits of the short story form. It also includes an interview with Saunders specially conducted for the volume, and a preliminary bibliography of his published works and critical responses to an expanding and always exciting creative oeuvre. Coinciding with the release of Saunders's first novel, Lincoln in the Bardo (2017), George Saunders: Critical Essays is the first book-length consideration of this major contemporary author's work. It is essential reading for anyone interested in twenty-first century fiction.

    Tales from the Internet

    Twelve stories delve into ways the Internet has affected the way people go about their lives, from enacting the hero archetype in MMORPGs to tweeting, trolling, and friending in the seemingly unlikeliest of online communities. Three of the contained stories were previously published: "http://youareforgiv.en" in The Flexible Persona, "The Martyr Dumb" in How to Hug Your Ex, and "The Pixelated Paladin" in Pantheon.

    The Artist

    Kevin Storrar has worked in the arts for over ten years. He holds Master degrees in both Fine Art and Gallery Studies. As well as continuing his own practice he also works at The New Art Gallery Walsall. This is his second collaboration pro ducing works for fiction, and he is currently working on his own book.

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    Time's Laughingstocks

    Richie is a kid from Des Moines, Iowa, in the year 1994.

    Dick is Richie all grown up, aged forty-two-and-some. He's also the American father of time travel.

    Virgil is an actor from 2039 set to play Dick in an award-winning and profoundly unflattering biopic.

    Time's Laughingstocks is what happens when Dick takes it upon himself to guide Richie and Virgil on a private tour through time...

    The Artist

    Kevin Storrar has worked in the arts for ten years. He holds Master of Arts degrees in both Fine Art and Gallery Studies. Currently he works at The New Art Gallery Walsall, as well as continuing his own practice. This is his first body of work produced specifically for a novel.

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