Skinned in the Willows

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No Country For Old Mascots

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The Apotropaic Weathervane

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The Pixelated Paladin

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The Hedgehog & the Lemon

Published in The Adroit Journal (Issue 7, 2013) Read it here. Adroit Journal


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Edgar's Way

Published in Independent Ink Magazine (No. 07/08, 21 Dec. 2012) Read it here. Independent Ink


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Ex-President Fenk

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The Martyr Dumb

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To Trap a God

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Torrence & Friends

Published in Stimulus Respond (Number 12: Toys, Autumn 2011) Read it here. Stimulus Respond Anthologized in Hand Picked Stimulus Respond (Pavement Books: April 2014) Order it here. Hand Picked


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